Who is Foxgloves & Ivy?

Foxgloves & Ivy Floral Design Studio opened it's doors in 1997, in the Virginia Highlands.  In the last 25+ years of business, we have been very fortunate to have the same customers as we did back then.  We are currently in the heart of Little 5 Points, next door to Savage Pizza.  

Our commitment to our customer has always been to provide the most affordable and distinctive floral designs, plants and botanical inspirations.   We never like to say NO to a customer, often bending over backwards to take care of them.  

For 25+ years, we have been on line.. longer than anyone in Atlanta... and while we've had growing pains, we've learned along the way.  While researching the archives for information on the new website, we realized we have designed over 500 weddings since opening our doors in March of 1997.   Many of our brides and families stay in touch.. and we've watched them have children and share their lives with us.

Stop in and say 'HI'... and as always, we appreciate your business.  Our very own designer and co-owner, Greg Brown AIFD, CFD still runs the design room, just as he did when we opened.  Larry Hammack still has the 'office' side of the business.

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SPECIAL NOTE:  A direct benefit to our customers, both old and new — F&I will not purchase flowers, plants or other products that contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Granted, we don’t have total control over what a grower, packer or shipper does in other countries, but our suppliers and brokers have promised to honor our request for ‘eco-safe’ flowers. Additionally, we will never knowingly purchase product from companies or suppliers that do not adhere to proper workers’ rights policies, implemented within our industry by the US Agriculture & other governmental agencies.